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Have an idea? Let's make it happen!
As a multi-media artist, I utilize a variety of different tools and skills, to create beautiful and dynamic works of art.

Products and Services: 

Family & Creative Portraits

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Addison & Trajan

Utilize the professional photography service to capture the moment with you and your family for a lifetime. Or maybe you see yourself in a unique way and want to realize your vision. Professional photography is available starting at $150.00/hr for the shoot which includes 15 digital images. For more unique ideas contact the studio for a free consultation.


As a freelance designer I can help your business or organization make an impression with stunning posters, event programs, and clothing designs. I will work with you to realize a vision base on your ideas. From social marketing campaigns, to event posters, I provide a complete service from concept to photography to text layouts.


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It Takes Courage anti-bullying organization; social marketing campaign.

Want to make your home or business stand out! Together we can come up with image that will wow the public. My murals are done with latex house paint for maximum durability in all types of weather.


Mural pricing is dependant upon the size and amount of detail involved in the image. Other factors that can effect the price are surface preparation and additional equipment needed to access heights or hard to reach areas. An average job will cost $15.00/sq ft. For more exact pricing contact the studio for a free consultaion.


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Interactive Angel Wings: 10' X 12'
Downtown Steamboat Springs, CO.
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